Why Pet Coke

Very High Cost Advantage against

Gas / Furnace Oil. Also Gives Competitive Cost Advantage against Lignite.

Nil Ash Content (< 1%)

So Less Pollution related problem due to the same as well as No Disposal Problem. Also Due to Nil Ash content in Pet Coke unburnt material is reusable. This recovery of Unburnt is not possible in case of lignite due to high ash content.

Low Volatile Matters

Due to low volatile matters handling of Pet Coke is very easy rather than lignite as it easily gets burnt due to high volatile matter even in heavy sun light.

High GCV

As Pet Coke has high GCV, the actual material quantity to be handled reduces to 2 to 3 time than that of Lignite. Also Grinding requirement of Pet Coke is much lesser than that of Lignite. So ultimately it reduces the operating and material handling costs.

Manufactured Product

One can get Consistent Quality.

As Pet Coke is a Petroleum Product; it does not suck moisture by self.

So, on basis of above benefits, Pet Coke is much beneficial than Gas/FO, coal and Lignite.

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